13 Tips on How To Turn Your Menu Into A Mediterranean Diet Menu

13 Tips on How To Turn Your Menu Into A Mediterranean Diet Menu

A major cause for concern when choosing a diet from an already made menu; is the fact that they often contain foods that you are not too familiar with. However, this is quite different with the Mediterranean plan as it allows you to create your own menu. By so doing, you have a higher chance of sticking to that diet.

First, when creating your Mediterranean diet, you must ensure that it is mostly made up of fruits and vegetables. With this diet, you may just have to get used to things like spinach.

You can make your menu look like that of the Mediterranean; and here are thirteen tips to help you achieve that objective:

Tips That Are Used For Major Meals

  • Olive oil is a better choice – you can have it stored in an oil-spraying can so as to have proper control over the quantity you intend to use.

NB: If an olive oil is light, it doesn’t mean a reduction in the amount of calorie contained. ‘Light’ in this regards is used in describing one of the different flavors of natural olive oil.

    • Steamed and occasional roasting of vegetables – have a roasting tin sprayed using olive oil. After that, put the following inside: chopped eggplant (aubergine), red onion, chopped zuccini (courgette), peppers, cherry tomatoes and red onions. You can equally have your vegetables sprayed using olive oil, ensure sprinkling with basil (it could be dried or fresh) as well as black pepper. Just have it roasted in an oven to make it cooked. And when serving you can add pasta.
    • Brown rice and wholegrain pasta is preferred to white rice and pasta made with white flour – you can leave salt out of your cooking.
    • Customize pasta sauces instead of making use of already made ones. A light fry of one red chopped onion with some (two) cloves of ground garlic put in a small olive oil. The moment it starts turning brown (light brown), then you can go ahead and then include chopped tomatoes, black pepper and fresh basil. Cook gently (simmer) until tomato is soft. After that, serve it alongside with whole grain pasta.

  • Every meal should be started with salad – one of the most rewarding parts of any Mediterranean meal is in having a lot of foods eaten in their raw form. The highest amount of nutrient is present when the food is in its raw form. The process of cooking actually destroys the nutrients present in food. Try salads, fresh herbs, add red onions, rocket, peppers, as well as spinach. You can control calories by sprinkling with the aid of balsamic vinegar.
  • Instead of adding butter to your bread, balsamic vinegar and combine olive oil can be a convenient alternative. The oil can even be marinated with small chillies, coriander, garlic cloves, and basil sprigs. Cork the bottle then have the mixture stored for some months before use. The resulting oil will automatically have the flavor.
  • Reduce the amount of added meat foods like soup, stew with casseroles. Include beans with more vegetables to make up for the reduction. Not only is this a healthier option, but it is also cheaper.
  • Eat fish with lots of oil minimum once every seven (7) days – fresh form is preferred to taking it canned. Good examples of oily fish include: sardine, prawn/shrimp, tuna, salmon, trout, herring and much more.
  • Don’t ever use salt as a way for adding flavor! This is because Mediterranean diet only accommodates little salt. You can add flavor to your food with the following: fresh herbs, black pepper, and garlic. Whenever you plan using salt, just know that sea salt is preferred to table salt. This is because lots of elements that are needed by the body are contained in sea salts but they are not present in table salt.

Snack Tips

  • Swap crisps, cakes and biscuits and in place of fresh fruits or a little of seeds can be used for snack.
  • For an appetizing snack serve vegetable (carrots, celery, broccoli etc.) with tzatziki (homemade). Mix yoghurt with low amount of fat and lemon juice, grated cucumber as well as ground garlic.

Dessert Tips

  • Discipline yourself enough to get used to eating fruits and vegetables at least 5 times each day.
  • Have a go at salad made with fresh fruits combined with yoghurt of low-fat and a small amount of honey to be used for breakfast.


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