The mediterranean diet foods which were highly consumed by cretans have shown proven health benefits and which you should integrate progressively into your daily meal, here is a list of the most important ones :


This can be highly medicinal when taken in its fresh or dry form. It can help in the following ways: reducing cholesterol level, encouraging the free passage of fluid in the arteries and keeps the tension at a normal level. It is made up of items that improve the strength of the walls of the artery. Eventually, because it is an agent of free circulation of blood throughout the body, all the body cells are well taken care of which in turn helps to optimize the function of the entire body. There is even more to this as it is also an anti-aging agent. Make garlic a part of your diet today as it is truly friendly to your health.


It’s a mine of vitamins that guards against rapid aging. It also helps in strengthening the bones because it contains calcium. It’s also made up of fiber that help to promote smooth movement within the intestine. Its richness in water helps to encourage the passage of urine. This vegetable has also been known for its protective measures against digestive tract related cancers.


This helps in getting rid of unwanted materials in the body. Getting rid of waste from the body on a regular basis will only make your body to function better. In addition, with zucchini’s fiber your body will be protected against storing too much sugar and fats when taking a meal. People with a high chance of getting diabetes or those with high cholesterol level will greatly benefit from this. Zucchini also comes with various minerals and vitamins in minute quantities, which can be added to your other foods during consumption.


Fig fruit need sunlight and water to be productive. They are actually favored by the weather and soil conditions at the shores of the Mediterranean. Their fruits contain substances that help to promote proper coordination of the nervous system. Figs are good in terms of brain health. They help to reduce brain stress and enhance memory. Fresh figs are also good for the body because they aid the transportation of body fluids within the intestine. Finally, the sugars found in it makes it a remarkable choice. So much for this unknown fruit.


A characteristic fruit of the Mediterranean that contains specific polyphenols like the punicalagines in great amounts, whose job is to protect against the aging function of free radicals. Today so many supplements that are used as antioxidants contain extracts of pomegranate. The protective effect of this fruit is improved when its contained antioxidants are combined with Vitamin C and A. It is also known right from time to help rebuild and sanitize the body.

White Beans

This can be considered similar to chickpeas in terms of qualities. They contain high-energy producing carbohydrates, excellent fibers, various minerals and a host of group B vitamins. They also possess two other qualities which are: ensure that waste are easily transported using urine as the medium (on the condition that you drink enough water during your meal), because they contain a great deal of potassium and they also play a great role in making the arteries clean. Since they also help in maintaining a healthy level of cholesterol in your body it becomes highly relevant to your cardiovascular system.


This is a natural legume of the Mediterranean diet. Chickpeas are a constant item in the kitchen of the following nationals: Lebanon, Maghreb, Greece, Crete, Italy etc. It is a true source of minerals like iron, copper, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc; vitamins, and high-quality fibers. All this qualities put together only make it an excellent choice in optimizing the functions of the intestines, creating better harmony in the cardiovascular system, fatigue prevention and energy production etc.
They also ensure that stress and anxiety are cut down to the lowest possible level, mood improvement and sleep, and they play a major role in sustaining an active memory.