These Oils Are Highly Integrated With The Mediterranean Diet

These Oils Are Highly Integrated With The Mediterranean Diet

Olive oil happens to be the main fat in the Mediterranean diet. It is a fat that is mono-saturated with reduced ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol level, with an equal increase in the good HDL level. Anti-oxidants in the form of olive oil also help to maintain LDL from having the arteries damaged by plaques. It helps in the reduction of blood sugar as well as reduction in blood pressure. Mono-saturated fats are found in forms of olive oil. However, virgin oil happens to be the only form that is slightly processed. And for this single reason, they contain the highest level of the defensive plant compounds that provide the body with readily available antioxidant effects.

The Mediterranean diet is associated with nuts which are rich in fat, which almost accounts for 80% of its calorie. Low saturated fats can also be found in tree nuts together with walnuts, pecans, almonds and hazel nuts. Omega-3 fatty acid is also present in walnuts. With nuts you will be sure of having very high nutritional food throughout the winter period. In regards to having the most perfect nutrition, you can stay away from honey-roasted or nuts with a huge amount of salt in them. The Mediterranean diet classification put nuts in the same category as fruits, vegetables, beans, and other healthy foods.

Red meat should be taken on a monthly basis rather than on a weekly basis. In contrast, fish is more important in the scheme of things; even though it is difficult to get fish that has not been contaminated by the pollution of the sea. Fish is a great source of the omega-3 fatty acids which happen to play a great role in the protection from heart attack.

The habit of eating fish has been very helpful in maintaining our blood vessels in a rather healthy state. Researches on omega-3 fatty acids as it regards its advantages are still ongoing. Various studies have revealed that in addition to lowering triglycerides and making available a probable anti-inflammatory effect, omega-3 fatty acids develop parameters of autonomic job, together with an inconsistency in heart rate.


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